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Home Pest controlCOCKROACH TRAP / Kat.№SW 1521000

COCKROACH TRAP / Kat.№SW 1521000

COCKROACH TRAP / Kat.№SW 1521000
COCKROACH TRAP / Kat.№SW 1521000COCKROACH TRAP / Kat.№SW 1521000

No toxic chemicals!

Baited ready to use.

Price: 15.90лв.
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  • Baited ready to use.
  • The powerful natural bait attracts cockroaches, beetles, silverfish, spiders and bugs into the trap where they stick to the adhesive surfaces and die.
  • Cockroaches can enter from all four sides so capture rates are high.
  • Trapped cockroaches are hidden out of sight.
  • Ready for use straight from the pack - no assembly required.
  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Hygienic no-touch disposal of dead cockroaches.
  • With self-adhesive fi xing pads. Safe around children and pets.

Simple instructions:

The trap is ready for use as soon as you have removed the packaging.

You can lay it flat, or, using the adhesive strips on the back, stick it to a vertical surface.

Place traps in places where you think cockroaches congregate.

Typical hiding places are under sinks, behind refrigerators, inside cupboards, behind wardrobes.

The trap is effective in both domestic and small commercial premises: kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, cellars, apartments, bakeries, hotels, pubs, etc.

  • Manufacturer code:
    SW 1521000
  • EAN code: