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Ultrasonic pest repeller

Ultrasonic pest repeller
Ultrasonic pest repeller Ultrasonic pest repeller
Ultrasonic pest repeller
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The unit creates a fluctuating ultrasonic sound, from low to high, to target the different pests that react more strongly to higher and lower ultrasonic frequencies. Generally, lower ultrasonic waves affect larger animals, while higher ultrasonic waves are more disturbing to smaller pests.


Pests and good hygiene do not keep good company, so before you start using your Pest-X-Repel to control pests, you need to clean the area. The first step in controlling pests is the preliminary clean.
Two final points before installing Pest-X-Repel:
- Make sure all drawers, shelves, cupboards and benches are clean and tidy.
- Remove all excess food and scraps from the area.


Once Pest-X-Repel is operating you may start to see unusual or increased pest activity during the first 1 - 3 weeks. This is not unusual. This increase in activity is due to the Pest-X-Repel forcing the pests to leave their usual hiding places where they have previously been safe from sprays, fogging or bombs. You must immediately take appropriate steps to eliminate these pests. We recomend you to use glue boards and traps, etc, to remove these pests.


Simply plug the unit in to wall outlet. Coverage in the room can be improved by bouncing the sound of reflecting objects, such as walls, cupboard doors, appliances, etc... Obtaining a ricochet pattern will increase effective coverage. Placing another unit on the opposite side of the room will increase the coverage and help eliminate Sound Shadows. Avoid placing unit in a direct sunlight. Keep from water.


Pests will continually attempt to enter all premises. Pest-X-Repel will prevent them from staying and nesting, and setting up new infestations. Good housekeeping is essential and will greatly increase the success rate of the pest control device. Good housekeeping means using common sense, remembering that the pests only invade our territory because we make it attractive to them. The following contains some basic behaviors and ideas to keep pests away.
- Do not leave food exposed for long periods. In particular ensure that food is not left out overnight.
- Keep garbage in close-fitting containers and empty regularly. Do not leave lids off garbage bins. Where constant use of the bin is required, use a swing top lig & keep the swing top clean by wiping it regularly.
- Do not allow food debris to accumulate anywhere. Check under low shelves, behind refrigerators and cookers regularly.
- Scrape residue out of cracks and off benches Remove all unnecessary paper and boxes. Do not leave paper or newspapers on counters or work areas overnight.
- Food containers, plates, dishes etc, should not be left unwashed overnight. Containers should be left upside down to let drain dry.
- Stop dripping taps and repair leaking pipes. Keep kichen, work and storage areas neat and tidy. Avoid stacking goods against the wall or directly on the groung. Do not store piles of old newspapers as they provide breeding material of pests.


Power supply: 220V/50Hz
Power consuption: 7W
Frequency range: 29000-58000Hz
Effective area: 50m2
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  • Dimensions:
    Ø70х73 mm
  • Weight:
    0,045 kg
  • Warranty:
    12 months
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