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'Log32 THP Thermo-Hygro-pressure-Datenlogger / Kat№31.1056

 'Log32 TH' thermo-hygro-data logger

  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity & air pressure

  • Memory for 60.000 records

  • USB interface with automatic

  • PDF export
  • Free software for configuration optional #
  • Status and alarm LED

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Product specification

The "LOG32 THP" allows you to accurately monitor and record temperature, humidity and air pressure. This allows you to record important climate data over longer periods of time, whether during transport of sensitive products, in cold stores, server rooms or for prescribed test protocols. The cause of damp or mould damage in living spaces can also be determined on the basis of recorded climate values. The logger can record up to 60,000 records. Via a USB interface, the data can be transferred to your PC and evaluated and documented with the free "LOG CONNECT" software. The storage interval is freely selectable, from 30 seconds to 24 hours. An automatic export as a PDF file is also possible and without the software, then the measurement interval is pre-programmed to 5 minutes. The device has a status and an alarm LED light. The data logger comes with a factory certificate.


  • For monitoring the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure
  • LED status and alarm
  • Memory for 3 x 60.000 records
  • Configurable recording (30 seconds up to 24 hours)
  • Plug n' Play - No software required (pre-programmed)
  • Automatic export as PDF file
  • USB interface
  • With holder and factory certificate
Manufacturer code:31.1056
- temperature range in:-40…+70 °C °C
- precision: ± 0.5 °C
- resolution:0.1 °C
- range:0 ... 100 %
- precision: ± 3 %
- range of barometer:300...1100 hPa (mmHg)
- resolution:1 hPa (mmHg)
Dimensions:22 (30) x 21 (28) x 102 mm
Weight:0.032 kg
Power supply:1x 3,6V 1/2 AA battery included
Warranty:24 months
EAN code:4009816027474
31.1054_g_e [PDF, 1.3 MB]
LogConnect_230 [ZIP, 5.16 MB]
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