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PINGI Slimline for Wardrobes

PINGI Slimline for Wardrobes
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PINGI Slimline for Wardrobes

PINGI Slimline Wardrobe with integrated hanger was specially designed to be easy to use. Moisture in wardrobes and storage areas can be troublesome, especially during the humid season, as moisture will quickly build up, spreading mouldy odour and promoting the growth of dust mites.
To eliminate the problem, simply hang Pingi Slimline Wardrobe in your closet, which will effectively protect your clothes, absorb excess moisture and spread a lovely lavender fragrance.

Product Description

Even if opened and ventilated every day, wardrobes and closets are susceptible to the various risks of moisture buildup. As soon as you close the doors of your closet, the air circulation stops. As a result, the air becomes damp and musty.

No More Dampness


Slimline Wardrobe is specifically designed to combat these problems, utilizing top-notch adsorbent technology combined with active perfume-spreading pearls. A special moisture-permeable material lets moisture travel inside the dehumidifier, where it is trapped and stored in the form of a clear liquid inside the bag for later disposal.

Simple Usage

The PINGI Slimline Wardrobe is conveniently packaged, and equipped with a hook, letting you hang it inside your wardrobe or closet. Once set, the active components immediately start working, trapping moisture and spreading a lovely lavender fragrance.


No Leaks, No Stains

The smart packaging traps moisture in the form of liquid, which drips into the transparent bag. Not a single drop is allowed to escape the dehumidifier, ensuring odor and dampness free area for up to 3 months! When all crystals have dissolved the humidity absorber can be replaced.

Manufacturer code:GME-250
EAN code:8718481173688
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