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Log20' data logger for temperature and humidity / Kat. Nr. 31.1052

Made in Germany

To monitor temperature and humidity

Memory for 20,000 entries

MAX / MIN / AVG function

USB interface,

Windows software on request

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Description of the product:

"LOG20" allows you to accurately monitor and record the temperature and humidity levels. This allows you to record important weather data for longer periods of time, whether during transportation of sensitive products, in cold stores, server rooms, or for prescribed test protocols. The reason for indoor moisture can be determined on the basis of registered climatic values. The Dnieper can record up to 20,000 measured values ​​for 2 measured values, the storage interval is freely adjustable from 30 seconds to 24 hours. Through the USB interface, the diary can be read and programmed on your computer.The required "DE-GRAPH" software and the USB cable are available separately (part no. 31.1041) or complete with the logging machine (part no. 31.1053). The device has the maximum and lowest value as well as the AVG function. If some limit values ​​are exceeded or undercut, you will be informed with a visual alarm. The device is entirely made in Germany.


  • Large display, easy to use
  • MAX / MIN / AVG function
  • An optical alarm function when the temperature exceeds / falls below
  • Memory for 20,000 measured values ​​with 2 measured variables, measuring range: freely adjustable from 30 seconds to 24 hours
  • USB interface, software sold separately
  • Temperature: Accuracy: ± 0.5 ° C at -20 ... + 50 ° C, otherwise ± 0.7 ° C
  • Humidity: resolution 0.1% relative humidity, accuracy ± 3% relative humidity
  • Made in Germany
Manufacturer code:31.1052
- temperature range in:-30…+60 °C
- precision:±0.5 °C
- range:0...99 %
- precision:±3 %
- resolution:0.1 %
Dimensions:60 x 21 x 89 mm
Weight:0.057 kg
Power supply:1 x CR 2032 included
Warranty:24 months
EAN code:4009816024961
31.1046_31.1052_d_gb_f(2) [PDF, 127.64 KB]
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