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Electronic anti rodents device / Аrt.№ МС 201

Electronic anti rodents device Mouse Cleaner

Electronic anti rodents device

Suitable for small rooms that are rarely visited by people - basements, closets, garages


Made in Bulgaria, EU


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  • Code: MC-201
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Principe of working:

Mouse cleaner generates acoustic waves which make the living condition or the rodents unfavorable. They influence their nervous system and hearing apparatus caustic the feeling of fear and panic. Under their influence the rodents leave fast their dwelling places and rarely come back to the guarded territory. Since it is possible to rodents accustomed to acoustic waves with the same frequency the device generate the second frequency, which stress the rodents. The device doesn’t emit any poisonous chemical substance and its work is electrically based.


Safety instructions:

  • Plug the device only in power grid 220/50Hz
  • Use device in closed rooms, whitout moisture.
  • Do not uncover the device, especially when device is plugged in power.
  • If your pets are rodents, don’t turn it on in the room they inhabit.
Manufacturer code:MC-201
Warranty:24 months
EAN code:3800208581892

by GDPR 21-05-2018, 20 Sep 2016

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