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Home WatchesНастолни часовници, будилнициDigital thermo-hygrometer STYLE / Kat.№30.5021

Digital thermo-hygrometer STYLE / Kat.№30.5021

 Цифров термометър-хидрометър "STYLE" / арт.№30.5021.01
 Цифров термометър-хидрометър "STYLE" / арт.№30.5021.01  Цифров термометър-хидрометър "STYLE" / арт.№30.5021.01  Цифров термометър-хидрометър "STYLE" / арт.№30.5021.01

For a healthy indoor climate

Monitoring of indoor temperature and humidity

Max. and min. values, comfort-level zone

With time display

High-gloss finish

Price: 45.60лв.
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Product specification

At least two thirds of a person’s lifetime are spent indoors. Whether we feel well and comfortably at home depends to a great extent on the quality of the indoor air. Rooms that are too humid favour mould growth, but overly dry air can be harmful to our health and pets, plants, wooden floors and antique furniture will also suffer. This decorative thermo-hygrometer is an ideal measuring instrument for monitoring the indoor climate. You can easily keep an eye on temperature and humidity and regulate it by carefully heating and ventilation when the values are outside the comfort-level zone. This creates a pleasant and healthy living environment and even saves on heating costs. If a smiley icon appears, the values are ideal. You can view the temperature or humidity in large format and retrieve the stored maximum and minimum values at the push of a button. The STYLE thermo-hygrometer has also a clock. The high-gloss surface in the decorative design makes this useful device be also a beautiful home accessory.


  • Large-scale display of either temperature or humidity
  • Comfort-level zone
  • Max.-min.-function
  • Time
  • With high-gloss surface
  • Registered TFA design
  • Manufacturer code:
  • - temperature range in:
    -20...+50 °C
  • - precision:
    ±1 °C
  • - resolution:
    0,1 °C
  • - range:
    20...99 %
  • - precision:
    ±4 %
  • - resolution:
    1 %
  • Dimensions:
    105х14х105 mm
  • Weight:
    0,095 kg
  • Warranty:
    12 months
  • EAN code: